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Beautiful: Boxed

At Humble and Maker we design and sell craft kits with a difference: gorgeous, unique products; the perfect materials; illustrated step-by-step instructions and packaging you can use to re-gift your creation. We don't just do craft kits. We do beautiful: boxed.

In the news

Since starting our creative journey we have had lots of love and support to help develop our ideas and pick us up as we have hit bumps along the road. One of the places we have been lucky enough to receive support from is Lancaster University's Product Development Unit, based within the Engineering Department. The lovely, encouraging team here have given us access to funding and shared knowledge which has helped us come up with new products. Although some of this is still in development, we have added some 3D printed earrings and cuff links to our range as a result!

 3D printed cufflinks on the sprue

3D printed cufflinks on the sprue

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of chatting to Ian Boyden from the University's press office, and Chris Lambert from LPDU about the work we have done. You can read more about it on the University's site!


Thank you to the team at LPDU for the continued support of our adventure!