Humble & Maker

Beautiful: Boxed

At Humble and Maker we design and sell craft kits with a difference: gorgeous, unique products; the perfect materials; illustrated step-by-step instructions and packaging you can use to re-gift your creation. We don't just do craft kits. We do beautiful: boxed.

The start of a new adventure

Hello and welcome to Humble & Maker!

Once upon a time I used to hate my job...sounds a bit depressing, right? But this was the kick start to my adventure story, and the creation of Humble & Maker!

I have grown up with some sort of craft around me; my Mum making dancing costumes or my Gran knitting. I have learned from them as well as trying things out on my own - I rarely complete the same project twice! I love to craft, and find a lot of solace in making things from scratch with my own two hands. Throw this together with the belief that anyone can make something beautiful, and an incredibly supportive husband, and Humble & Maker is born! My hope is to help you embark on a craft adventure of your own and share the joy of making with you.

I aim to deliver beautiful project kits which contain all you need to make your own stylish items with full instructions being available online and to print. I'll be here to help with your questions, and I'll throw in some helpful hints and tips I've picked up to make the process as easy as possible for you, even if you have never sewn on a button!

We are in full scale development just now, including looking at how we can use new technologies to include exciting and unique elements to the kits. I'll keep you updated here with progress and when the kits become available. You can also follow us on Facebook so you don't miss out on any Humble & Maker news.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback so please leave a comment or get in touch!

I'm looking forward to going on an adventure with you and I really hope you get as much enjoyment from the kits as we do making them!

Gabbi x