Humble & Maker

Beautiful: Boxed

At Humble and Maker we design and sell craft kits with a difference: gorgeous, unique products; the perfect materials; illustrated step-by-step instructions and packaging you can use to re-gift your creation. We don't just do craft kits. We do beautiful: boxed.

Let's start at the beginning

Most people I know seem to have something that they are known for, or particularly enjoy, making.  If you haven't found yours already, I'm sure it won't find long to find a style or a technique that feels the most natural and enjoyable for you.

Happiest with knitting needles, I restarted my crafting adventures, heading  towards Humble & Maker, by knitting a merino wool blanket for one of my best friends eagerly awaited "mini-me". It was forest green (the colour of her bridesmaid dress at my wedding) and had a hood for snuggling into during Yorkshire winters.

It wasn't perfect. But I made it. For her!


Ever since, I mostly seem to have moved from baby project to baby project. I am a little addicted - everything is so cute in miniature! So, it seems fitting that the very first Humble & Maker craft kit is a gorgeous pair of felt Baby Booties

I'd love to hear how you get on with this and see some pictures of your creations!

Happy Making!

Gabbi x