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Project Fiesta!

This Michael Miller Fiesta material in my store, has been winking at me for a while, so I was excited when I saw a pattern for this summer romper suit from The Purl Bee and realised they would be a perfect combo! My friend's little girl was two this week, so I set to whipping one up for her birthday gift - I had a week...

I love The Purl Bee's style and I've pinned a lot of their projects but this is the first one I've actually tried. The tutorial and pattern are free to access, and are really well explained (with lots of photographs) so I had no trouble following it.

The pattern calls for you to make bias binding which I've not done before; I used this tutorial which has a handy tip for calculating how much bias binding you will get from a square. It was surprisingly straightforward to make, but would have been much less fiddly had I used a bias binding maker to create the folds (and save my fingers)! If you don't fancy making it a contrasting pre-made binding would look cute too!

 I'm never quite sure how pattern sizes line up with store bought, age size clothes let alone whether or not kids are actually wearing their age size - I know I was often in different sizes! Fortunately this pattern comes with real measurements, so I just needed to ask for her waist measurement. In this case, I made the age 2 size and love how it turned out!

I wrapped it up it tissue paper that I think is a great match to the material pattern, and I had a flash of inspiration to tie a balloon to it - I learned that this is a way to get kids to open your present first as they (all) want to play with the balloon!!

Now we just need to wait for the sun to put his hat on and join the party!

Let me know if you have a go at making one yourself!