Humble & Maker

Beautiful: Boxed

At Humble and Maker we design and sell craft kits with a difference: gorgeous, unique products; the perfect materials; illustrated step-by-step instructions and packaging you can use to re-gift your creation. We don't just do craft kits. We do beautiful: boxed.


We love to make beautiful things. In fact, we love it so much that we've made it our mission to help others discover the joy of crafting and creating. To do this we've designed gorgeous products we think you'll love; added our favourite materials, and created illustrated step-by-step instructions to help you start your journey.

We'll always be there to help you if you get stuck, giving you our best pointers, tips and tricks. Our website features a growing stitch library where you can download step-by-step guides for lots of techniques.

Whether you're taking your first tentative maker steps, or you're a veteran in search of something different and unusual, we have something for you. 

Our kits are more than just functional, they're a joy to open and experience, making them a beautiful, and unusual gift for someone you love.

If you're buying a kit to make the product for someone else, then our packaging is designed so that you can use it to gift wrap your creation - all the products you can make from the kits will go back inside the original tube and our label doubles as a gift tag. That means recycling packaging which is already ~94%* recycled to start with! It's great for the environment, saves you money on gift wrap, and makes sure your hard work gets the showcase it deserves.

*packaging 94.2% recycled by weight.